G4 Prover

Result of the test for sequent top--> Y#X@(p(X)->p(Y))

G4 Prover: a Prolog Prover for Roy Dyckhoff's Sequent Calculus G4 This prover is a fork made by Joseph Vidal-Rosset (joseph.vidal-rosset@gmail.com), from seqprover.pl, the sequent prover for CL-X, written by Naoyuki Tamura (tamura@kobe-u.ac.jp). Type "help." if you need some help. fol(g4i)> fol(g4i). yes fol(g4i)> output(pretty). yes fol(g4i)> top-->_5584#_5580@(p(_5580)->p(_5584)). Trying to prove with threshold = 0 1 2 3 4 5 Fail to prove top --> _5584#_5580@(p(_5580)->p(_5584)) (149 msec.) yes fol(g4i)> quit. yes Exit from Sequent Calculus Prover... Total CPU time = 150 msec. true

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