FCube: An Efficient Prover for Intuitionistic Propositional Logic

2022-01-11, updated 2022-06-14 next - previous

Ferrari, Fiorentini and Fiorino made fCube i.e. \(F^{3}\).

1. FCube Prover Online

  • FCube prover online is version 4.1 of FCube-verbose, which provides proofs for intuitionistically valid formulas, and countermodels for those that are intuitionistically unprovable.
  • I only changed the code to use infix notation.
  • Mutatis mutandis, the php script is Carlo Capelli’s, on which runs Boole-Quine prover.
  • For the description of FCube algorithm, see [1] below.

2. References

Ferrari, M. et al.: FCube: An Efficient Prover for Intuitionistic Propositional Logic. In: Logic for programming, artificial intelligence, and reasoning (Editors: C. G. Fermüller and A. Voronkov). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010, p. 294–301.

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