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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

1 Mailing list educasup.philo

  • Mailing list educasup.philo (2019-11-14, updated 2019-11-14)
    Comment souscrire, poster, et vérifier votre envoi sur la liste - How to subscribe, how to post, how to check your post on the mailing list.

2 Logico-philosophical posts

  • Anselm Argument in First Order Logic (2019-11-14, updated 2019-11-14)
    In the language of first-order logic, I provide in this note a proof in natural deduction that translates Anselm’s ontological argument (i.e. his a priori proof of the existence of God).

3 Code

  • Installing Comment Engine Remark42 (2019-11-14, updated 2019-11-14)
    Remark42 is the comment engine of this blog. I describe in details its installation in this post, thinking that it could be helpful to others.
  • My nginx setup (2019-11-14, updated 2019-11-14)
    This page will be maybe useful for others.
  • The code that runs this blog (2019-11-14, updated 2019-11-14)
    I am very thankful to Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho who wrote org-export-head that is the the code that runs his blog, and also mine now.

4 Personal posts

Author: Joseph Vidal-Rosset

Date: 2019-11-14 jeu. 08:08

Blog: https://wwww.vidal-rosset.net

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